In the 1989 film Batman, and its three sequels, Commissioner Gordon is portrayed by Pat Hingle, though in these films Gordon's role is rather minimal compared to his role in other media. In the first film, he regards the Batman as a rumor at best and vigilante at worst, though by the end of the film, after Batman saves the city from the Joker, Gordon and the citizens of Gotham publicly acknowledge his usefulness, and receive from him the gift of the Bat-Signal.

In Batman Returns (1992), when the Penguin has Batman framed for murder, it is implied Gordon is not entirely convinced, as he was not willing to use lethal force in order to apprehend him (seen during a scene in which two Gotham officers open fire on Batman, knocking him off a building, before Gordon arrives and orders them to stop).

In Batman Forever (1995), Gordon is shown to be fairly acquainted with Bruce Wayne, talking with him about recent events following the apparent suicide of one of Bruce's employees - later revealed to have been murdered by Edward Nygma - and thanking him for keeping an eye on Dick Grayson after the death of his parents and brother, though whether or not he knows Bruce's secret identity as Batman is never revealed.

Although Barbara Gordon is his daughter in most continuities, in Batman & Robin (1997), her name is Barbara Wilson and she is Alfred Pennyworth's niece. In Gordon's last appearance in the film, Poison Ivy uses her pheremones to make him fall in love with her in order to get the keys to police headquarters and the Bat-Signal, and almost kills him with her toxic kiss, but changes her mind at the last second, claiming "You're too old for me." Gordon's wife briefly appears in Batman, but isn't seen or mentioned in the sequels.